History of Artistic Images, LLC

Speaking Engagements

Artistic Images was established to serve artists' needs, including the needs of the founding artist, Robert Metropulos, Jr. Obtaining limited edition prints became too costly and time consuming, so Bob invested money in giclee printers, a high-end scanner and supplies. Initially the purpose was to produce his own prints to have them available for customers of Parkside Gallery.

At that time Parkside Gallery had been in operation for 25 years and Bob got to know a large community of artists. When they found out Bob was printing his own editions, they were very excited and asked if he could start printing for them. Thus, Artistic Images was born and began to print for artists at wholesale pricing. Soon visitors and customers caught wind of Bob's printing, and he was asked for high-quality prints from photographs of pets, sporting events, family portraits, and other subjects.

Artistic Images is now printing Giclee canvas prints and offers stretching at a minimal charge for artists as well as the general public.

Artistic Images is owned and operated by Robert K. Metropulos, artist and gallery owner for the past 30 years. As an artist Bob has an expert understanding of color, making him able to match the needs of the artist. Limited editions are certified and numbered. Note cards and other printed items can be ordered as well.

For more information on printing, contact the gallery at 715-356-7001.