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"Your presentation was wonderfully enriched with a variety of representations to help children grasp the process and person behind making a book... I like how you picked out the children who were inattentive and asked them to participate, engaging their interest and redirecting their behavior. Thank you for everything." -- Emilymae Herrick, Terri's Treehouse

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#1 Book Readings for Kindergarten Classes, Child Care Centers, Children's Museums, Head Start Programs, and Libraries

This presentation involves reading my book What Is It? Birds to children between the ages of two and seven years.

The reading rug.
I have developed a reading rug that is very colorful. It includes the artwork from my book. I introduce this reading rug to the children as a very special rug. I ask them if they would like to see it and then pull the ribbon to release the rug as it drops to the floor, rolling open. I tell the children in order for them to hear me read they have to sit on the rug. I ask them for their help, and tell them when I say, "here comes the clue," they have to be very, very quiet so the person sitting next to them can hear me read.

My artwork and the book.
I start by placing my original painting on an easel for viewing. This painting pertains to the first bird in the book. It is a close-up of the bird's eye. I ask the children what kind of bird they think it might be. After I give them some time to express themselves, the true test now comes. I say the words, "here comes the clue." As soon as it's quiet, I begin to read the riddle or clue, then press the button so they can hear the sound of the bird. After we discuss how they feel about the sound of the bird, I then turn the page, revealing the answer. Because of this age group, I find that the attention span may not be ready to read further on with this first subject. So I then open the flap on the page that reveals a hidden image. The image that is revealed is a reproduction of the artwork that I first displayed on the easel. I then move on to the next subject repeating the same. During this time we may talk about how the birds look, where they live, and how they sound. I allow the children to come up and push the buttons, or open the flaps. I feel that it is important to get them involved and I encourage them to participate.

The finish.
When I'm finished reading the book, I hand out bookmarks with colored tassels and images of all the eyes from the book on them. I like to leave something behind for the children to remember their experience. This program lasts no more than 45 minutes and parents are welcome.

I do ask that the participating teachers give me a critique in writing. This helps me better myself as a speaker, and lets me know if I have fulfilled their needs.

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