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#2 Grade School Personal Profile Program

This program is for grades 3 through 8.
I will handle groups of only 30 children or fewer per presentation. The reason for this is that I want the kids to feel comfortable enough to participate. When you have large groups or auditorium sized groups I find it to be very intimidating for the younger kids which in turn limits their participation.

Set up.
I set up a display that can be as large as 7' x 20' if needed. I have a lighting system that I attach to the top of the display. On this display I hang my illustrations for my book or my wildlife artwork. This display validates myself to the students as a professional artist or someone of merit. The display can be set up in a room of your choice. Each individual class can be brought to this room on the hour. I will only do up to six classes per day with one half-hour or hour lunch break in between.

Tailored to your liking.
This program can be tailored to your school's needs. You can choose one or all of the following five topics.

A. Living with dyslexia: Here I talk about having a learning disability-- dyslexia, and my struggles growing up as a child, and how I now believe that my disabilities are a gift. If it wasn't for dyslexia I don't believe that I would be an artist today. I talk about how we can make our dreams come true if we have passion and we work hard. I would have never dreamed as a child growing up that I would be able to write a book of my own and actually have people purchase it.

B. Living as an artist and author: Here I talk about some of the struggles and accomplishments that an artist and author may go through. I talk about painting commissions, entering competitions, going to art shows, marketing my artwork, and what it takes to produce a book.

C. Producing a painting and writing a book: Here I tell how I come up with the ideas for my paintings, what kind of technique I use, and how I get my reference material. I talk about my new children's book and show how I produce the illustrations and text for the book.

D. Owning a gallery: I talk about framing, printing limited edition prints, working on original art work, sales, dealing with customers, and having employees.

E. For more options you may want to go to presentation #3 High School Personal Profile Program: Under this program there are five points of interest. Although these points of interest are geared towards the high school level, I can implement some into the grade school level as well.

The kids and teachers don't get off easy.
After the presentation I ask the teachers to break their classes into groups of three children per group. I would like each group to answer four questions collectively with one answer. I will supply the teachers with the four questions. The purpose of these questions is to get the kids to open up. By working together as a group or team they are building social skills and sharing their thoughts with their peers. Some teachers have taken it one step further by having each group do a presentation in front of the class and explain why they came up with these answers-- of course this would be up to that teacher. This program gives the teacher an opportunity to learn more about each individual student.

I do ask that the teachers give me a written critique on how they feel about the presentation-- "the good, the bad, and the ugly."

Here comes the greedy part.
I ask for a copy of the written critiques and a copy of all the papers from the students. This is very important to me. It helps me to better myself as a presenter and keeps me connected with the kids-- letting me know what part of the presentation was most important to them. The papers will remain confidential and if we choose to use any written material or photographs for our website, we will ask for permission in writing before we do so.

For more information you may e-mail us at: or call 715-356-7001


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  • Bob Metropulos at St. John's School
  • Bob Metropulos at St. John's School
  • Bob Metropulos at St. John's School
  • Bob Metropulos at St. John's School
  • Bob Metropulos at St. John's School