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Thank you for sharing with all of us at Three Lakes High School. I really enjoyed hearing what you had to say and looking at your art work! Thanks again! (Peggy Bennett, Three Lakes School District)

Presentation at Three Lakes

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#3. High School Personal Profile Program

This program is for grades 9 through 12.
I will only handle groups of 30 children or fewer. The reason for this is that I like kids to feel comfortable enough to participate. When you have large groups or auditorium size groups I find it to be very intimidating for the younger kids, which in turn limits their participation.

Set up.
I set up a display that can be as large as 7' x 20'. If needed I have a lighting system that I attach to the top of the display. On this display I hang my artwork, whether it be artwork for the book or my wildlife artwork. This display validates myself to the students as a professional artist or someone of merit. This display can be set up in a room of your choice. Each individual class can be brought to this room on the hour. I will only do up to six classes per day with a half hour to one-hour lunch break in between.

I read some of my poetry to the kids. I find that even the biggest and toughest child enjoys poetry, whether they'll admit it or not.

Sacha's song.
I have written a song for my daughter's father-and-daughter dance song for her wedding. It tells the journey of a child's life from the day she was born until the day she made the commitment to marry. This song shows the relationship between a parent and a child, and all the struggles, celebrations, and accomplishments that they go through during their life together.

Five points of interest:
There are five points of interest that I cover in this presentation. You may choose one or all of these points of interest as part of the presentation.

1. Living with alcohol and drugs: I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. I have been clean for over 20 years. My sobriety birthday is March 7th. We touch on the subject of alcoholism and drug abuse and how it affected my life. I talk about how I fought through these addictions and turned it around to make it my strength.

2. Living with dyslexia: I have a learning disability-- dyslexia. I talk about my struggles growing up as a child, and how I now believe that my dyslexia is my gift. If it wasn't for dyslexia I don't believe that I would be an artist today. I talk about how we can make our dreams come true if we have passion and we work hard. I would never have dreamed as a child growing up that I would be able to write a book of my own and actually have people purchase it.

3. The gift of a new day: Here we talk about a lifetime of second chances. I call them the gift of a new day. No matter what happens today, when we go to bed at night and close our eyes, we leave the past behind. When we wake up in the morning and open our eyes, we begin a new day and a chance to make this day better than the last. Just think, if we do this every day how blessed our lives could be. The key is leaving the bad behind us, only learn from it to help push forward in our new day. There is really nothing bad in our lives if we learn from it and share it with others. That's how we make it good. If we don't learn from it and don't share it, it will always remain bad and we will carry it with us for the rest of our lives.

4. A product of your environment: Our genes and traits play a big role in who we are, but nothing plays as big of a role as our environment. We are all products of our environment. Where we live, the friends we hang with, the music we listen to, the food we eat, the television programs we watch all play a big role in our lives. We become a product of our environment. It's your choice. If you hang around happy people you will be happy. If you hang around toxic people you will become toxic.

5. Living as an artist and author: I talk about what it's like living as an artist and author-- the daily routine, the income (feast or famine), art shows, book signings, etc.

I believe it's all about leading by example not by lecture.
Rather than lecturing, I use these five points of interest to profile myself and show how they pertain to my life today. I talk about the journey looking back to when I was a child and all of the things I have gone through to become who I am today.

The kids and teachers don't get off easy.
I would like to have the kids write about the presentation and give it a title. The title can tell what was most important to them. They may critique me as a presenter, write about how this presentation pertains to their life, or write about the things that meant the most to them.

I would like the teachers to grade these papers on effort, and have an open discussion afterwards depending on how the students feel. This gives the teachers a chance to better connect with each individual student. I believe that it's easier for students to open up with pen and paper rather than face-to-face.

I ask that the teachers give me a written critique on how they feel about the presentation-- "the good, the bad, and the ugly."

The greedy part.
Here comes the greedy part and the most important part for me. I ask for a copy of the written critiques and a copy of all the papers from the students. This is very important to me. It helps me to better myself as a presenter and keeps me connected with the kids, letting me know what part of the presentation was most important to them. This helps me to grow and become a stronger presenter for future students. The papers will remain confidential. If we wish to use any written material or photographs for our website we will ask for permission in writing before we do so.

For more information you may e-mail us at:
artisticimages2@frontier.com or call 715-356-7001


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  • High School Workshop Group High School Workshop Group Bob with students at Three Lakes High School
  • Sacha's Song Sacha's Song CD of a recording by Gregg Thomas of Sacha's Song
  • Trust Me Trust Me Poem by Bob Metropulos
  • Student Response Student Response An example of students' responses to the workshop
  • Full Display Full Display This is how the set-up might look, depending on space available.