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Who am I and what is this presentation stuff all about?

My name is Robert Metropulos.

I believe that our sole purpose is to lead by example and be here for other people. It is easy to think of ourselves before we think of others-- that is part of our human trait. It is my goal to turn that around in my life. Although there are times that I may fail, that's ok. I find by failing I learn more and become stronger. I am a recovering alcoholic and recovering drug addict. I have been clean for the past 21 years. On top of that, I have a learning disability called dyslexia. Dyslexia has since been broken down into different types of learning disabilities. My problems are reading, spelling, and most of all, comprehension. I found out about five years ago that I am not in charge-- someone else is. (That would be the slow learning part of my life.) My purpose is to serve by getting out and telling my story-- a story of how I became who I am today-- and to share the things that I learned along the way.

Most of us are familiar with the television programs Criminal Minds, CSI, Miami Vice, and the term they use-- profiling. They all profile the perpetrator. Although I am not a perpetrator, I have decided to profile myself to better understand who I am and how I came to be the person I am today.

I want to get out and share my story, so I developed a program that I call my personal profile program. My goal is to visit child care centers, Headstart programs, grade schools, high schools, libraries, discovery centers, and children's museums to present my journey through profiling myself, how I fought through my struggles and adversities, and how I learned from them along the way to become a happier, stronger person.

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Bob sharing his book at a child care setting