Upcoming Presentations

Monday, May 21, AV-W School. Book Reading for Kindergarten, 9:00 a.m. "How to Write a Book" for 6th grade, 10:15 a.m.

June 5, Monona Library, Madison. Author/Artist Visit. Presentations to students during the day, followed by talk, display and book signing for the public beginning at 6:00 p.m.

June 20, 2:00 p.m.
Rhinelander District Library
Presentation for grade school students.

June 28, 7:00 p.m. Boulder Junction Public Library "Neighbor to Neighbor" series. Bob will talk about his three-year journey to becoming a published author, and living as an artist and author.

November 10, 12:00 p.m. Wisconsin Branch of the International Dyslexia Association Conference, Wilderness Resort and Conference Center, Wisconsin Dells. For parents raising dyslexic children and professionals working with dyslexic learners.

Recent Presentations

March 21 at Lakeland Head Start Book reading sponsored by Kiwanis

March 22 at Madison Children's Museum Young Writer's Camp

April 27, 6:00-7:30 p.m. at St. Germain Elementary School Parent/Child Reading Night.

May 10-11, 31st Annual Wisconsin Family Child Care Conference, Workshop: "My Journey," and exhibitor.


Comments about Bob's Presentations
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Emilymae Herrick, Terri's Treehouse:

"Your presentation was wonderfully enriched with a variety of representations to help children grasp the process and person behind making a book. It gave them a foundation for understanding the reality of story writing. You asked so many open-ended questions to invite them into proactively learning. You did a great job setting the tone and conducive learning moments to fully connect with your entire audience. I liked the way you picked out children who were originally inattentive and asked them to participate, in turn truly engaging their interest and redirecting the behavior. I look forward to more opportunities involving you and your series. Thank you for everything."

Bob reading to preschoolers

Bob showing art to middle schoolersFrom Annmarie Jensen, North Lakeland Elementary School Art Instructor:

"How great it is when we come to know that times of disappointment can be followed by times of fulfillment; that sorrow can be followed by joy; that guilt over falling short of our ideals can be replaced by pride in doing all that we can; and that anger can be channeled into creative achievements and into dreams that we can make come true!" --Fred Rogers

I reflected on this quote by Mister Rogers after watching Bob Metropulos share his life story, his art work, and his most recent book with North Lakeland middle school students. His presentation was enthusiastically received by students as well as faculty. Bob's life story about being born cross-eyed and dealing with subsequent dyslexia to become a published author and illustrator was inspirational and motivational. His honest, humble account of involvement with drugs and alcohol addiction powerfully connected with all of his listeners. Students learned that confronting their fears and feelings of inadequacy takes courage. It takes courage to admit to and share personal mistakes and bad choices. Bob's life story of overcoming drug abuse and learning problems to become a celebrated author/illustrator resonated with every person in the audience. Students thoroughly enjoyed his calm easy manner and his sense of humor. They were in awe of the art he displayed and the stories he shared about becoming an artist. He emphasized that to be an artist one must use not only their hands and their brain but also their heart. Creating art helps us realize that we are someone special apart from everyone else. Making art teaches us to be better observers, to remember better, to process more information and to be more inventive. Bob's reflections were inspirational as well as enjoyable and his new book is truly magical.

From Lynn Vinall, Library:

Thank you for coming to North Lakeland School last week. All the teachers that attended your presentations were very impressed by your paintings, book, and life's journey.

Your presentations were perfectly done for each of the age groups and you held their attention. The information about your life that you shared with the kids on becoming an artist and author was very informative and motivational. You are an outstanding artist, Bob.

The kids enjoyed your presentation and thought you had a fun personality and that you weren't boring.

We thank you again.

From Peggy Bennett, Three Lakes School District:

Thank you for sharing with all of us at Three Lakes High School. I really enjoyed hearing what you had to say and looking at your art work! Thanks again!

Group of students at Three Lakes High School

From Karen M. Wendt, Youth Services Coordinator, Monona Public Library:

It is a beautiful book. The images are incredible- especially love the habitat backgrounds for the birds, the text is perfect for a variety of ages and great for storytime readaloud, the sound buttons are a very cool addition, and the peek-a-boo pages are so kid friendly. All around a very nice book! Thank you so much for all the work and fun that you put into it.

I shared it with my 3 year old granddaughter today. It was so much fun. She loved it, especially the bird sounds. But I was delighted with how the flow of the design of the book worked so smoothly and wonderfully with her.


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